How do I add a new course?

Setting up a course to teach in Zulama has become much easier with the creation of the Course Generation tool. To generate a full copy of a Zulama course for your and your students' use:
  1. Login to Zulama.
  2. Goto your Courses tab (
  3. Click on Generate New Course
  4. On the Generate New Course page, choose the course you wish to generate from the pulldown tab.
  5. You may add a period number in the far right column and it will be added to the end of your course title. 
  6. Ensure that the email address we have for you in the lower right-hand corner is correct. Click edit to change it if it is not (please make sure to click "save" next to the address to make sure it's updated). If we do not have an email address on file for you, you must enter an address before you can generate your course.
  7. Click Generate to generate your course.
You will receive an email when the course has been successfully generated. At that point, you can login and find the new course on your Courses page and click on it to enroll students. See How do I add students to my course? for more information on using the Roster Management tool.

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