How do I get my students started?

New Zulama Students

Either from your Dashboard or from the Courses tab, navigate to the appropriate course.

Step 2:
Click on the Roster tab to display the Course Roster for that course.

You will see a list of generic student Names and Usernames that look like this: student_000@your_school

Step 3: 
Using whatever method is easiest for you, assign each of your students their own generic Username.

Step 4: 
Instruct students to go to Zulama’s log in screen ( and type in the Username that you assigned to them. The password for all first time logins is zulama1234 (case sensitive).

Step 5:
Students accept Zulama’s Terms and Conditions, add their names to their accounts, and change their passwords. 

Step 6:
As students log in, their names will automatically populate your Roster and Gradebook. 

Your students are now set up and ready to begin accessing the system!

Existing Zulama Students

Your students’ existing Names and Usernames appear in the Course Roster. Using whatever method is easiest for you, you can provide students with their Usernames if they have forgotten them. 

If needed, you can also reset their password using the change password feature. Remember that Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

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