Can I grade multiple students' responses at once?

Yes! Zulama now allows for bulk grading of assignments.

Many teachers choose to make some larger assignments group projects, and we've made it easy to assign a grade to all students who are involved in the same project.

To do so:

1. Go to Grader and select the assignment. You will see a list of all students with ungraded responses. If only one student submitted the assignment for the whole group, click on the ALL button to list all students in the class.
2. Click on Bulk Grade. A column of buttons will appear to the left of the student names. 
3. Click the button next to the first student in the group. A grading box will appear to the student's right.
4. Click the buttons next to all the rest of the students involved in the project. A blue grading box will appear for each of them, linked to the initial box.
5. Enter a grade into the initial grading box and it will populate all the other student boxes. A GRADE button will appear above the boxes.
6. Click GRADE and the grade will be entered into the gradebook.

You may click the SELECT ALL button to select all students on the list, but know that you can deselect any one of them at any time.

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