Can Zulama grade quizzes for me?

If the quiz is made up of multiple choice, matching, and ordering questions only, yes, Zulama can grade your quizzes for you.

All you have to do is open a student response in either Grader or Gradebook and the Zulama system will automatically mark up the quiz and calculate the student's grade. You will be able to see the correct answers and the students' answers—it will even point out when a student didn't answer a question (see below).

To accept the grade as calculated by Zulama:
1. Grader: Click the NEXT button at the bottom of the page, as usual. The grade will be recorded in the gradebook and you can move on to the next student's response.
2. Gradebook: Click on "Create Grade" below the calculated grade. The grade will be recorded in the gradebook.

To change the grade in either system, simply click on the grade itself and type in the new grade. Once you click either NEXT or Create Grade, the system will record the grade you've manually input.

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