How do I communicate with my students and other teachers in Zulama?

The Messages Tab in Zulama is your hub for conversations, messages with students, and announcements. The Messages tab in the top menu shows:
  • communications with your Zulama community

  • the type of message or conversation

  • the last user who posted a reply

  • and when the last post was made.

Click on Messages in the top menu bar to communicate with students, teachers and administrators in your Zulama community.

Use the Compose link to create messages.


Conversations with one other user:

To create a conversation with one other user:

  1. click on Compose

  2. write your subject line

  3. select a user by typing the first few letters of their name. The system will present you with a selection of close matches to choose from.

  4. write your message

  5. click on Send Message


Group Conversations

To create a conversation with multiple people:

  1. start typing the name of the first user

  2. click on a name when the correct match appears

  3. then start typing the name of the next user.

You may add more than one user in the “To” box.

Assignment Response Conversations

In both Grader and Gradebook, teachers may create conversations with students that are related to an assignment response. These conversations are between the student and the teacher or teachers for that course and members cannot be added or removed.

Course-wide Conversations

Create conversations for a single course or multiple courses by entering the name of your course or courses and add them as you would an individual user. Course-wide conversations allow for all students in a course or courses to participate in the conversation.



Announcements can only be created by administrators. An announcement is a no-reply message sent to all students and/or teachers in a school.

Managing Members

Only teachers and administrators are able to manage the members of a conversation. When an administrator creates a conversation, only an administrator can manage the members of that conversation.

To manage the members of your conversation:

Click on Manage Members

  • To remove a user from the conversation, click on the X at the right of the user’s name. You will be asked for confirmation. The conversation will disappear from the user’s conversations list and a note will be made in the conversation that the user has been removed.

  • To add a user to a conversation, click on the box of members and begin to type the user’s name. The system will provide you with a list of matches from which to choose. You will be asked if you wish to add this member. The added user will see the entire conversation from the beginning, and a note will be made in the conversation that the user has been added.

Private Student-to-Student Messaging NOT ENABLED

To address privacy concerns, students may only create conversations with their Zulama teachers and may not engage in private conversations with other students using the Zulama messaging system.

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