How do I add students to my courses?

How do I add students to my courses?

Use the Zulama Roster Management Tools to add and remove students to your courses.

Once your course is created (see How do I get set up?), you can start enrolling students.

NOTE: Students can only be enrolled in open courses. The Zulama license period is from July 1 to July 1.

To enroll a roster of students:

  1. Go to the course syllabus page and click on either “Enroll Students” under Students, or “Rosters” in the toolbar.
  2. Your Roster page allows you to add students in two ways: ADD STUDENTS ONE AT A TIME

  • If the student is already in the Zulama system: Start typing the student’s name. The system will show you a list of possible matches. Click on the correct student name from the dropdown. Then click ENROLL. potter002jpg
  • If the student is new to Zulama: Enter the name of a new student and click on “CREATE NEW & ENROLL” and the new student will be created. potter003jpg

ADD STUDENTS ALL AT ONCE: To add your entire roster of students:

  • Download the roster template. templatejpg
  • Fill in all applicable information. csvjpg
  • Upload the Roster to the system. NOTE: You must use the template provided, saved as either a csv file or an Excel spreadsheet. Other data and file formats are not accepted. uploadrosterjpg
  • If a student is already in the Zulama system: The system will enroll the student. enrolledjpg When the system finds students with similar names, you will be asked to confirm the correct match. padraigjpg
  • If the student is new to Zulama: The system will create and enroll the student. createjpg
Here's a video that walks you through the process.

For more information on Zulama's LCMS, see our Navigating Zulama playlist on YouTube.

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